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September 13, 2020by Nicy Amala0

I woke up at 5:18 am to catch the earliest matatu to Kajiado. I had packed up the previous night so I’d just wake up, clean up, and leave. I...

I woke up at 5:18 am to catch the earliest matatu to Kajiado. I had packed up the previous night so I’d just wake up, clean up, and leave.

puffy eyes: Early birding

I met up with my partner Wanja Gathungu and James at Kitengela to travel to Kajiado together. Here is a quick shot that I took while waiting

Morning hustles Kitengela

Nairobi-Kajiado is a 2-3 hours drive.. with matatu the journey gets longer. Thank goodness James drove us to Kajiado for the rest of the journey so we could meet the rest of the team in time. Just before we embark to the real journey to KMQ Primary (Kajiado Marble Quarry) area.

We got to Kajiado town to get breakfast while we waited for the Malkia team that had started packing the gift packs as early as 8:00 am. The gift packs would include Always sanitary towels, panties, and soap.

I ended up having tea with chapatis though.. if I was to rate; 3.5/10

The REAL journey to KMQ begins…

The second half of the journey needed bigger cars, so we left our ride in Kj town and boarded the Amref vehicles to KMQ.

Besides the road being bumpy, veeryy bumpy, the scenery was beautiful felt like going home. Very peaceful views. Check the video footage on my Instagram page on my #instahighlights.@nicy_amala

KMQ primary School, Kajiado

Arrivals and Program

We were introduced to the school by the deputy headteacher Mr. Nyaga who was very passionate about standing for the rights of the Maasai girls against FGM and early marriages.

Some of the girls had walked as far as 20kilometers to attend the program. Diana, the legal counsel for Malkia Initiative mentioned that. ‘I was worried we’d meet few girls than we had hoped for’ Seeing the 67 girls from the community area was totally encouraging. This is because some of them weren’t able to come as they had become mothers/pregnant. The school headteacher gave a very motherly and sensational background encouraging the girls to maximize the mentorship opportunity.

We broke away to classes that were led by at least 2 mentors. I was so happy to be paired with a young zealous, inspirational Mary Wamaitha who is a 20-year-old, 3rd-year university student based in Ghana. I loved Wamaitha because of her passion and her bubbly nature. She is a humble girl with a free spirit… Let me not digress. Wamaitha would need a whole blog for her story ?

lOvely Wamaitha in the headrwrap

Our class was composed of class 7&8 girls. Teenagers.

The agenda of this class was to educate each girl, ourselves included on what it means to be a Malkia( queen) A queen is all of us. A queen commands respect. A queen is confident. A queen has influence in her community. A queen protects her dignity and that of her queendom. A queen dreams for a better queendom. A queen is a symbol of leadership and success. A queen empowers other queens

We were talking about how COVID-19-19 had impacted them for the last 7 months, Sexual Relationships and Menstrual Health.Class 778 session with Wamaitha and Nicy

Quick Summary of the Class Session

When we were told to go home because of COVID-19, we thought it would be for a week at most a month. Now it’s been 7months and we are not sure if we’ll go back to school soon. Spiritually, we are still connected to our families through prayers. But when churches were closed, we would worship from home.

We miss our friends from school and church as we don’t see them as often. School wise, we don’t study much as we have to do all house chores as our brothers tend to cattle the whole day. By the time we’re sitting down to study, it’s too late and we are tired. So we just go to bed. No one can teach us from home so it all depends on us to study if we want to. We meet the boys when we go to fetch wood while they graze the cattle. As for our friends, we communicate through phone for those of us who have phones.

Lunch Break… Skill Session

Led by Nicy Amala and Wanja Gathungu of Nakshi Glass Art

We learnt that all the girls know how to bead. So a plus ++++. We ran a color coordination session teaching on how to position secondary colors with the primary colors while styling with outfits and mixing with other jewelry types like glass

We then discussed the anonymously asked questions. which ranged from Menstruation, Hygiene, how to deal with FGM and relationships.

creative session

Gifting and photo opps…

Led by Jedidah Lemaron; the Executive Director of Malkia Initiative, each mentor gifted the girls with the Always Sanitary pads, panties, and soap.

Jedidah and a malkia

One of the most exciting parts was having each malkia leave their mark on the canvas.  Expressing how they felt for the day on the canvas using paint and ink,

evaline leaving her mark

See my gallery for more photos. Then we drove back to Kajiado. To see our activities in the past, look at our gallery. <3

PS. What Kajiado has always meant for me

My friends and I regard Kajiado as one sweet spot which smells like nyama choma calling. We have a SqOde: no one should go to Texas without the squad. That equals cheating. But J and I cheated. For the culture!

Texas; for the culture! Rating 9.2 /10To support Malkia Initiative, Check them out on I am Malkia

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